Do radiations of Cell phones lead to Tumor?

The most fascinating debate of link between cancer and use of mobile phones is now highlighted by the research done by NTP. The study revealed that regular use of cell phones may lead to Tumor, either brain or heart tumor. The study was conducted on male rats, and it was spotted that radiofrequency of mobile phone increase the brain tumors and also raise the long-dormant issues about safety when frequent cellphones are found frequently glued to ears.

According to the report, given the extensive use of cellphone communications among the users of different ages, the even small increase in tumor resulting from the exposure to RFR might have broad repercussion for health. The results of study were not officially published and reviewed by the scientific journal. Rather the result was posted on the site that allows various researchers to share the fresh material.

The study had quite strange findings that caused other scientists even to highlight the flaws in the study, and experts suggest the possible risk from the radiation of cellphone is really small. The study also revealed low cancer incidence possibly is because of exposure of the whole body to radiation, and it was also much similar to the tumors seen in researches conducted on the use of mobile-phone. The researchers have high confidence about the relation between the heart tumors and mobile radiation. Cancer appeared in the male rats, without any visible effects in females.

The research was conducted on 2,500 rats at different intervals for two years. Rats were bombarded with radio frequency from the womb through initial two years of their life for at least nine hours in a day. The tumor was found in 2-3 percent in male rats, and this ratio is known as LOW INCIDENCE according to researchers. But female rats weren’t affected.

There is another strange fact observed that rats exposed to radiation lived longer to rats that weren’t exposed, it is an unexpected finding which suggests that tumor might have developed in rats that were older. This research will get concluded in the second half of 2017, and draft reports will be available for comments and review by the end of 2017.

After few months, Danish study in the people found that mobile phones do not pose any additional danger. The research was immense and used the data that was already accessible, rather than interviewing the phone subscribers retrospectively whose recall can be unreliable.


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