Backward Compatibility of Xbox One: Does New 6 games titles for E3?

The Backward Compatibility of XBOX ONE had now added 6 games by Microsoft that appears like build up for E3 and this is now highly confirmed. While the last week was also rare with any latest announcements and last 2 weeks has seen several new games that are launched and revealed by tech giant.

The fans of Xbox One can now enjoy playing Domino Master, Hexic 2, DuckTales, Magic 2012, XCOM and Unbound Saga. However, SSX was also last title of Xbox 360 as confirmed for the Backward Compatibility Xbox One, having revealed by Larry Hryb at Twitter.

Very soon you can see other list of the confirmed classics games, Amazon recently have various titles listed for the launch through new Digital Code of Xbox 360 for the specific date.

On June 7 you will see that games will go live on online market: Skate 2, Halo 3 ODST and Fable Anniversary. While none of them confirm that they will also be Compatible Backward on listing, many of them have even changed because of unique posting.

It was initially reported this month about the fact that Halo 3 will be the part of BC program, getting sported as “playable on Xbox One” that cover the entire listing before it got changed.

There are some other digital codes that are meant for the games and will also set the same date of release as already confirmed for the Backwards Compatibility that includes Fable 2 and Mass Effect.

Various titles have even added to go live for following showcase of Microsoft’s E3, including the 4th round of Fight Night and also the Dragon Age 2.

Moreover, it is important to note that neither Microsoft nor Amazon have confirmed about the titles, while a few of them appear to get leaked quite early, it is also up to Xbox team to confirm about them. The most famous game that is added in the list is known as Call of Duty: Black Ops, though fans are also now hoping that Elder Scrolls V as well as Red Dead Redemption should also get included in this list in upcoming time.

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