Commitment of Microsoft to Windows mobile is beyond the app!

Yes, it is the commitment that Microsoft has done to mobile, and the post of “death of the Windows phone” is also overblown. Though let’s not go quite far ahead. The “mobile” which is committed by Microsoft, at least in short time, isn’t that mobile which you think, not those which competes the head to head along likes of Android and Apple.

Microsoft has not given up the mobile, though it has, for main part, given up for the competing against ecosystems that is app-centric was dominated by Android and iOS. In fact, even Microsoft has also tried a lot about everything for getting back in this game, from paying the app developers for writing down the apps for Microsoft ecosystem, also for making the apps for the third parties, for making the attempt to make them simple to port Android apps and iOS to Windows, all is done without great success.

During late April month Myerson emailed the partners among the growing concern of long-term commitment of the company to mobile. However, we are recently in the development of the products for next generation and also wanted to reassure about the commitment to the Windows 10 Mobile. It is believed that the value of product to the business customers and about the intention to support mobile platform of Windows 10 for several different years.

Every time, Microsoft and Myerson pointed to the business customers for their final bastion of the success of Windows Phone, but now the question is that what makes for the business phone? Certainly, they focus on management and security, and also potential of the Continuum will definitely make a great story, but one should not get misled.

Microsoft is actually saying when they focuses on the business clients is that it gets thrown in towel on the consumer apps. For sure, Microsoft just can’t compete with Apple and Android on apps. Also paying off to the developers to put the token app or just two on the Windows phones will works for a single cycle, and also next time this app get updated, the users of Windows phone are now out in cold again.

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft says that “Bots are new apps,” he also says that the company believes that these may indeed replace the apps at specific point down on road.


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