Exclusive Features of 2016 MS SQL Server

Microsoft now has released the SQL Server 2016, by adding the new features of security, enhanced profiling of query, integration of Hadoop, capabilities of hybrid cloud, and also R analytics to their database server, with several improvements.

Calling the SQL Server with “database server” that does not give any justice to the scope. Key components are. Database engine runs on the Windows with the promised Linux version. Supports and Transact SQL, the flavor of Microsoft of SQL perfectly supplemented with the extensions that are specific to the SQL Server. It includes great availability features like failover and replication. Reporting Services allows you to deploy and design reports through the web portal.

Analysis Service helps in advanced reporting and data mining by using the multi-dimensional models of data. It is integrated with Excel spreadsheet through PowerPivot adds up.

R Services is also available in the SQL Server 2016 that perfectly integrates language of R programming and that is used for the statistical analysis, in the SQL Server. It is based on the acquisition of the Revolution Analytics of Microsoft.

Data Quality Services helps to analyse the tools to enhance the quality of data through finding incorrect and incomplete, or even duplicated data through reference to the knowledge base that may be external and internal.

PolyBase is also new in the SQL Server 2016 with Integration of SQL Server through external data of Hadoop or the storage of Azure Blob.

Azure SQL is also an exclusive feature of SQL Server. It offers low maintenance with comfort of auto-scaling, though supporting the subset of complete SQL Server. Microsoft even suggest running of the SQL Server in Virtual Machine for complete features, though for high cost.

SQL Data Warehouse offers the new service of Azure that supports the databases for about 60TB, with versions of 250GB and 1TB for the Azure SQL.

It adds up to become a great product and the family of the products. All these things are built in, with the claims of Microsoft, unlike different vendors that charge additional different modules. This is true, though, when you will buy Enterprise Edition that also does not become cheap.


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