New plan by Alex Salmondfor Saltire emoji after being snubbed!

Now Alex Salmond is making appeal for Saltire emoji subsequent to being snubbed during this month. The national flag of Scotland is yet missing from set and specific standard of the picture characters that are quite often used in the text messages for conveying the emotions. Moreover, Scots are even expected to use Union flag rather while texting – the proposition which also does not perfectly sit well through nationalists.

The earlier First Minister said Courier: “Previous year, I wrote for both Apple as well as the Unicode Consortium, thereby asking to consider that even includes the Saltire during their subsequent update.

Advertisement: “Though, I am quite disappointed which is once again in the Scotland that has been also left out, with the neighbours of England and also in the Wales.

“Certainly, they also have half with the completed job with inclusion of the national animal, unicorn, on list of the emoji, but it is for sure that I speak for various users of Scottish when it is said that we will appreciate ability to always add cross of St Andrew to the correspondence.”

The grandee SNP said that he will also be writing to consortium once again to check them to always “consider Scotland with their Saltire in next ad subsequent update” and even added: “It isemojiScotland’s.

The latest kind of snub also despite of Martinique, the region of French overseas whose official and key flag is Tricolore, having their unofficial ensign is well featured likeemoji.

The Emojipedia founder, Jeremy Burge, offers the search engine for picture characters that even has known for key constituent parts of UK to get the specific flags.

But he also says that he is not much confident about what will happen at any specific time very soon.

Mr Burge also mentioned said: “Each internationally also recognised the country in world has the flag ofemoji in recent set.

“On the other hand Scotland is also the part of UK and it has their own flag of emoji, there are also some precedents where different countries have multiple flags that are available likeemojis.

“For instance Martinique is basically the France region for which official flag is also the flag of France, yet these even have the local flag of emoji available.”


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