Appointment of Prof Sheila Rowan as chief scientific adviser

The post of chief scientist adviser had been vacant from December 2014, since when Prof Muffy Calder trod down.

However Prof Rowan, who is an expert about the waves of gravitation, is 3rd female CSA of the country.

Prof Rowan will be accountable to provide independent advice about scientific studies to the ministers of government.

The appointment Of Prof Rowan was well confirmed by John Swinney, the Deputy First Minister during the visit to Glasgow University.

‘Awesome role model’

As said by Prof Rowan: “It is thrilling time for joining Scottish government and so it is time to look ahead to work with the ministers and other officials to display the added worth offered by science advice in their level of work.

“I’m quite much keen to meet the scientists all across the place so that I will be able to completely appreciate the probable impact of the new expansions in the field of science, technology and engineering.”

She was even described as the most “outstanding scientist” as well as the “brilliant communicator being the splendid role model” by Anton Muscatelli, prof and principal of Glasgow University.

Her appointment even welcomed by the bodies of science that includes Institute of Physics and Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Moreover, Prof Rowan is also known as the director of university of the Institute for Research of Gravity, which was also a part of the international effort leading to discovery prior this year about the gravitational waves, the vital scientific discoveries in the specific century.

This discovery also confirmed about the theory of Einstein forecasting the existence, and even showed about collision of 2 black holes that can also get detected from gravitational ripples all across the world.

The vacancy of CSA was advertised initially in the month of March and April during previous year, but it was subsequently readvertised after government was not capable to appoint the successor with Prof Calder.

The government Scottish chose to ban increasing GM crops while this post was also vacant – the decision which was criticised strongly by Prof Calder as well as Dame Anne Glover, earlier CSA.

And it also has announced about suspension on fracking as well as underground gasification of coal, the areas where the chief scientific adviser will also be expected to offer the advice to government ministers.


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