My father died of unawareness; I experience stress and got prostate cancer – said Noel Edmond

Noel Edmonds has aggravated argument on social media once claiming that his dad died because of unawareness or “ignorance” and also that he suffered from prostate cancer because of “negative energy”.

During the interview conducted today Morning, the host of Deal or No Deal said that prostate cancer of Noel was cured by the pad of electric magnetic costing around £2,315, leading to violent criticism from patients and survivors of cancer.

67-years Noel said that machine works through stimulating the “cellular resonance” of your body and may be even used for treatment that are exclusively designed to cure the cancer that is mainly caused by “stress and anxiety”.

Speaking about his dad, Dudley, who suffered from prostate cancer and died in 1990, Noel claimed that his dad died because of “ignorance” since he appealed viewers to reject the conventional verdict and even the clinical treatment.

He also said that ” medical profession can’t define the real definition about his health, but I’m cheering people don’t stay unaware like my father.”

“People don’t mainly understand about energy, this is why they possess quantum physics and few people in CERN trying to realize it.

“I can have also gone down similar route. I also believe about pulsed electromagnetism that has the role to play while dealing with cancer and I always believe in this.”

Noel Edmonds even claimed that it is quite “stressful, negative period” for his life that had caused prostate cancer. He also added that I believed I am much healthy, I also wonder that how I got this prostate cancer.

After this Noel also said that “The key definition of stress mainly is about negative energy. It usually didn’t decide to make it evident itself, as there were certain causes.”

It is important to understand that we all have cancer cells in our body and there are times, when these cancer cells triggers up. I really don’t believe about what you say and what you think that what triggers it, but certainly there are some outside forces that trigger it… I just wish to encourage people to get information about the cause before taking clinical treatment.”

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