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The X Factor is coming to Leicester today!

Music fans, gather around, as this is your chance to shine on a stage and make a first step toward a career as an international superstar. If the judges think you are made for this, that is. The X Factor judges arrived today in Leicester, at the King Power Stadium, for the auditions that will take place at the Hilton Hotel.

X Factor 2016 will have a new jury, as Rita Ora, Cheryl Cole and Nick Grimshaw were replaced by “fan favorites”. To be more specific, we’re talking about Louis Walsh, Sharon Osbourne and Nicole Scherzinger, who will join Simon Cowell.

Despite all the rumors about some of them ditching the event due to illness, all the members of the jury were greeted at the stadium by a huge crowd, including Leicester’s X Factor winner Sam Bailey.

“The was no way I was not going to come along for a nosey and to see old friends when the X Factor is filming in my home city.I was also able to chat to some of the people auditioning and to give them some advice,” she said. “I was once in their shoes so I know how terrifying it is to stand there in front of all those famous judges and sing.I have told them all to sing their hearts out as if it is the last thing they ever sing,” Sam added.

Former Pussycat Dolls lead singer Nichole Scherzinger was taken by surprise when she received a personalized version of the number 9 shirt, worn by the club’s top goal scorer Jamie Vardy.

Fans were amazed by Sharon Osbourne’s look as well, as the X Factor judge, aged 63, has once again proven that age is indeed just a number.

All hosts are looking forward to see how contestants will try to impress them, this being the first times auditions are held in Leicester. “Until this year, Leicester had never won the Premier League and we had never held X Factor auditions here, so it is time to say hello,” Simon Cowell said.


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