UEFA has given England and Russia a disqualification warning

What was supposed to be a celebration of football ended up as being qualified as “totally unacceptable” by UEFA. The game between England and Russia, from Euro 2016, was considered by many as risky, given the attitude of supporters of both teams, but everybody remained optimistic, hoping that the match will go on smoothly. Surprisingly or not, things degenerated.

English fans were involved in fights with Russian supporters, in Marseille, right before the opening game of Group B. 200 Russians attacked England supporters, causing serious injuries. The violence continued after the game, as the Russians attacked the English in the ground, after breaking inside the stadium and going after England’s supporters, including families, who were heading over the exit.

This lead to separate charges by UEFA, says The Guardian. To be more specific, the two times could end up being kicked out of the tournament if their supporters will repeat yesterday’s events.

The FA chief executive, Martin Glenn, asked British fans to avoid putting the team at risk. “Violent scenes like those witnessed over the weekend in Marseille have no place in football, nor society as a whole,” he said. “We want people – fans and locals – to feel safe and enjoy a festival atmosphere at the Euros and we will continue to work closely with all the relevant authorities to achieve that,” Mr. Glenn added.

Both football associations have been warned and if similar events will occur, especially inside the stadium, UEFA won’t hesitate to impose additional sanctions on the Football Association and the Russian Football Union, including disqualifying both teams.

Supporters weren’t the only ones blamed for last night’s events, though. England fans criticized the Marseille police, after they used tear gas in order to disperse crowds, instead proceeding to arresting Russian aggressors.

In the meantime, the first measure taken after yesterday’s events was a ban on alcohol sales and consumption in specific areas, considered as risky. The ban will be applied the day before and the day of matches.


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