Apple reveals iOS 10 at WWDC

Apple fans all over the world were looking forward to this week’s Worldwide Developer Conference, as the Cupertino-based company was expected to their new mobile operating system, iOS 10. Like expected, they weren’t disappointed, as Apple made a couple of very interesting announcements.

The keynote began with Craig Federighi, senior vice president of Software Engineering, announcing that iOS 10 is the biggest release of iPhone software in its entire history, according to Gizmodo. Of course, the most notable change is the redesigned lockscreen, which offers a more interactive interface.

To be more specific, users will be able to interact with live status updates, use 3D touch and quickly access your music or camera directly from the lockscreen. But this wasn’t the only design change, as the homescreen also went through an overhaul, widgets getting an upgrade in the drop-down Today panel, while 3D touch now offers additional information for specific apps.

Siri also received a huge update, being now open to developer. Actually, this might as well be considered the biggest iOS 10 improvement, since iPhone and iPad users will soon be able to ask the virtual assistant to open apps and perform actions. Yes, it’s a feature that’s been integrated into Google Now for a few years now, but it was a much needed upgrade for iOS.

Of course, not everything could be improved as users were hoping, Apple Maps being the perfect example. Yes, it received updates and integrations with various apps, but it’s still far from Google’s variant.

Moving on, iOS 10 comes with a better Quick Type keyword as well, now using deep learning and AI, in order to deliver better suggestions and integrations with Siri and Calendar.

Finally, Apple seems to believe in the mass-adoption of Internet of Things in the near future, as HomeKit, the app taking advantage of its IoT protocol, allows you to use various home automation features, like dimming the lights. This isn’t something new either, other brands offering this for a while, but again, it’s more than welcome.

iOS 10 is definitely a big upgrade and it will be very interesting to find out if the adoption rate will be as high as in iOS 9’s case.

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