Russia hits at England’s fans, after UEFA’s sanctions

The Union of European Football Associations announced the verdict, after analyzing the conflicts between Russian and English fans in Marseille, which put both teams on the verge of being disqualified from Euro 2016.

The Russian Football union has been fined €150,000 and warned that they risk being banned from the European Championship if their supporters start more violence in stadiums. Also, a group of 50 Russian supporters who were making their way to Lille were circled by armed French police and will soon be deported, says Daily Mail.

Like expected, this attracted reactions from the Russians, including coach Leonid Slutsky and striker Artem Dzyuba.

“We do not know what happened on the streets, of course, but when the Russian national anthem was played and all the people were shouting, the English supporters, this was something not ethical at all. And all the gestures we received when we were on our bus on the way to the stadium from all these English supporters,” Slutsky said.

However, he is convinced that supporters would behave after UEFA’s sanctions and Russia will continue playing at least two games at the tournament.

“They were supporting us very well during the England game and I hope they will continue to do so during the group phase and other games.”

Zenit St Petersburg and Russia striker Artem Dzyuba seemed very intrigued by the charges imposed on their team, claiming that English supporters should be blamed as well.

“I don’t really understand this kind of reaction of the British media who have this impression that English supporters are like angels who came to this country and they’re just behaving themselves. You have to be objective and it’s 50-50.

As for the FA, they weren’t charged for the events inside the stadium, but UEFA expressed their “disgust” regarding the scenes from the day before the match, as England’s fans were involved in several incidents with locals and police forces. Also, they’re also under the radar and if such events will be repeated, UEFA could impose sanctions.

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