Leicester City exhibition attracts over 6,000 people

Leicester City’s amazing season didn’t bring them just the title and their first Champions League participation in history, but also a special exhibition at the New Walk Museum, which attracted more than 6,000 visitors in just a week since it’s been opened.

Going by the name of “Forever Fearless”, the exhibition presents the Foxes’ rise, from being a small team, considered to have small chances of maintaining itself in the Premier League, to winning the titles, according to Leicester Mercury.

Some of the main attractions are videos from throughout the season, memorabilia and, of course, the positive effect the team’s success had over the whole city.

“We’re really pleased with how it turned out. We’re not just celebrating the success of Leicester City, we’re trying to recreate the impact that it has had on the city and capture what it was like for the people living here and the fans,” said Matthew Constantine, the museum’s manager.

“The response has been overwhelmingly positive. People who are die-hard Leicester fans have said that we have managed to capture what it was like, which is fantastic to hear. While generally the whole exhibition seems to have gone down well, the photographs have been really popular, and we have the Mercury to thank for that,” he added.

Like mentioned above, the “Forever Fearless” exhibition attracted more than 6,000 people since it was opened, on June 4, which is double the amount of visitor the museum had last year, in the same period.

Also, it’s worth adding that this is not your regular exhibition, where visitors can only gaze around, as they are given the possibility to record their reactions to Leicester’s season and even send messages to Vardy and the company.

The exhibition will be open all summer long and will include multiple events, like a competition for designing a mascot, lectures and even a workshop on creating your own football chant.

“I think what has been good is that we have delivered more than what people expected, and that’s a nice feeling,” Matthew Constantine concluded.

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