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David Cameron: “Leaving the EU would be a big mistake”

Prime Minister David Cameron has issued an appeal for a vote for Remain, claiming that he feels responsible for the referendum and Great Britain would make a big mistake leaving the EU, as the prosperity of the area would be put at risk, from which there would be no turning back.

His idea is supported by Chancellor George Osborne, who is also looking forward to a “less divisive tone” in the final days before polling, according to The Daily Mail.

However, despite their warnings, the Leave camp doesn’t seem to be moved. Pro-Brexit Justice Secretary Michael Grove, for example, thinks that Great Britain would do better outside of the European Union. He does agree that this implies serious risks, but one the other side, Mr. Grove insisted that a vote for Out doesn’t necessary mean that Great Britain would go into recession.

“There are great things that Britain can do in the future as a progressive beacon. By voting Leave, we have that opportunity. People should vote for democracy and Britain should vote for hope,” he said. “There are economic risks if we leave, economic risks if we remain. I don’t think there will be will be a recession as a result of a vote to Leave,” Michael Grove added.

His opinions are in total contrast with David Cameron’s though, who considers that in the event of a vote for Leave, a recession will become very probable, leaving Britain “permanently poorer”.

“If you’re not sure, don’t take the risk of leaving. If you don’t know, don’t go. If we were to leave and it quickly turned out to be a big mistake, there wouldn’t be a way of changing our minds and having another go. This is it.”

Mr. Cameron’s opinion is sustained by George Osborne, who claims that more than 440,000 jobs could be lost if voters will make “the most terrible mistake” and opt for a withdrawing from the EU.

The referendum, which will decide if the United Kingdom stays or leaves the European Union, is scheduled for June 23, 2016.

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