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Internet outage affects users all over Europe

Internet users from several European countries complained about Internet connection problems this Monday, claiming that several web pages and apps weren’t responding properly. Some of the most popular services of the moment, like Slack or Trello, alongside platforms like Medium or Slack and even communication app WhatsApp were affected.

According to The Telegraph, the issue was caused by web provider TeliaSonera’s transatlantic cables, connecting Europe and the United States. Apparently, the cable had a knock-on effect on web hosting firms Cloudflare and Amazon Web services, leading to connection problems, says the same source. Or, to be more specific, the information flow between Europe and the United States was slow or totally stopped.

WhatsApp users from Germany, Brussels and London were the most affected. Also, Facebook had problems in the same areas of Europe, as well as on the East Coast of the United States.

“Between 5:10am and 6:01sm PDT an external provider outside our network experienced an issue which impacted internet connectivity between some customer networks and the EU-WEST-1 Region,” Amazon said in an official statement. “Connectivity to instances and services in the Region was not impacted by the event. The issue is resolved and the service is working normally.”

The issue detected by Cloudflare around 12:20 UTC, according to a statement posted on their website, claiming they were “observing network performance issues in some European locations” and “are actively working to reduce or eliminate any impact to Internet users in this region.”

Shortly after, at 13:08 UTC, the problem was identified “as an issue with an upstream transit provider and are currently working to mitigate the impact of this now.” Everything was marked as resolved by 14:22.

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