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Voting has ended. Results are expected on Friday morning!

British citizens have made their choice, voting in the referendum that will decide whether the UK remains a member of the European Union. The polls were closed and counting is expected to start shortly at centers around the country.

Unfortunately, there weren’t any exit polls, so for the moment there aren’t estimates which could give us a hint about what voters opted for. However, an online survey taken by YouGov on polling day suggests that the result could be pretty tight. 52% from the total of 5000 questioned people were in favor of “Remain”, while 48% opted for “Leave”.

The official result should be announced on Friday morning and there’s no doubt that it will be a huge turning point in the United Kingdom’s relationship with the whole world, not just Europe.

If a few months ago the “Leave” side had a relatively low amount of support and nobody was even considering this option, things changed drastically, proven by the results of the poll conducted by YouGov.

Generally speaking, there referendum went on smoothly, without any major incidents, except the floods in South England with led to the relocation of a few polling stations, according to BBC. 46,499,537 people, a record for the United Kingdom, were registered to vote in the referendum, according to the figures given by the Electoral Commission.

380 local counting areas from England, Scotland and Wales will receive sealed ballot boxes, the same thing happening in Northern Ireland and Gibraltar. The results from these areas will be made public this night, along the results from 11 nations and regions.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that a result in favor of “Leave” means the end of David Cameron’s campaign as prime minister, even though he promised to stay in function, no matter the outcome of the referendum.


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