England needs to attack in Monday’s clash with Iceland

After a tournament in which they managed to surprise and disappoint in the same time, Roy Hodgson’s boys are expected to show a totally different playing style this Monday, in their last of 16 game at Euro 2016, against Iceland.

The win against Wales was the best match England made at the tournament, but was overshadowed by the two draws with Russia and Slovakia, therefore allowing us to say that the player might feel frustrated after finishing Group B on second place.

Manager Roy Hodgson is aware of the impact an early exit from Euro 2016 could have, so he’s looking forward to seeing his team displaying a ruthless attitude.

“We need to be as ruthless as we can possibly be because we know there are no prizes, unfortunately, for playing what some people might think is good football,” he said in a press conference.

“It’s all about winning or losing and staying in or going out, and we have been very brutal with ourselves in that respect and we have a very brutal focus,” Hodgson added.

After their three matches from the group stage, it’s not hard to tell that England is lacking players that can break down plucky, determined, well-drilled opponents in the final third, as observes. And Iceland has proven that its players are some of the most determined we’ve seen at Euro 2016.

“I’ve been very keen to point out to the players – although I’ve not encountered any opposition – that we’ve got to make certain that we turn what we think is domination in some games, or imposing our game onto opponents, into wins,” Roy Hodgson declared.

England should definitely take their chances, as overall, they shouldn’t have any problems in winning the game. However, the Icelanders have nothing to lose, as after going past the group stages for the first time in history is already a big victory for them, giving them the necessary moral for delivering a huge surprise.

“This is the ultimate test because if we don’t win, that’s the end for us,” Hodgson concluded.

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