Migraine leading to High risk of heart diseases among women

Written by Archie Robinson

As per the daily report, “Women suffering from migraines have about 50 per cent great chance for developing hear problem” However, Individual risks for women also stays to be small, but since migraines are highly extensive, this can be a great issue at level of public health. A study for above 100,000 women have found that people who have reported about the migraine headaches have 50% more risk for having a heart disease.

It is not known about the causes increased risk for the cardiovascular disease mainly for the people suffering from migraine. Even though researchers also took in the account with an extensive array of perplexing factors, this is possible that few unaccounted factors are also responsible for link.

As an alternative, the underlying factor may cause migraine and cardiovascular problems. Till that time we really understand that what is behind link, this is quite early to know if treatment of migraine and different treatment will assist to reduce risk, or can possibly make them worse.

Like editorial in BMJ points, aspirin – generally used to prevent the cardiovascular disease since it has properties for blood-thinning but this might really increase risk of heart problems in females having migraines with the aura.

It is already known by Doctors that migraine is usually linked with the stroke, as discussed again back in year 2009, particularly migraine with the aura. It is when migraine get preceded by different warning symptoms and signs, such as dizziness and visual problems. We really don’t know if migraine is mainly the cause of such problems.

Certainly risk of more than 50% might sounds weird, you need to take in consideration about baseline risk. Just 1.2% of women in study had event of key cardiovascular disease such as heart attack and heart stroke, so enhancing the risk by 50%.

The authors even are calling for the complete research to check if the treatment that decreases incidence of migraines may even reduce heart strokes risk. The related editorial even makes a point that they need to be sure about any kind of preventative treatments dealing with heart problems, such as strokes and statins, don’t really make a problem poor for women suffering with migraines. This study got published in British Medical Journal that is peer-reviewed on the basis of open access, so it is completely free if you want to read it online.

There is even related editorial that is written by the independent experts that provide interesting insight about various implications of study. The media coverage of UK was accurate; with different sources that are stressing the risk of individual was very small.


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